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As a photographer whose academic training required the study and practice of a wide array of art mediums as well as traditional film and darkroom work, the surface on which images are printed is almost as important to me as the image itself.  Fine art papers, with their heft and feel, along with the way images appear on them when printed with the advanced processes used in the digital world today, are in my mind far superior choices to standard photo papers for print quality and archival longevity over time.

Giclée Fine Art Prints are made with high-quality archival inks on fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer.  The premium archival inks used in this process produce images with smooth tones, refined detail, and rich colors, resulting in beautiful and lasting works of art. Three archival, acid-free paper choices are available as follows:

Moab Entrada Bright Rag is a bright white, smooth, 100% cotton paper similar to hot-press watercolor paper in texture and weight, producing detail rich Giclée prints with a matte appearance.

Breathing Color Elegance Velvet is a bright white paper similar to cold-press watercolor paper, producing detail rich Giclée prints with a matte appearance and slightly visible paper texture.

Epson Exhibition Fiber paper closely resembles the “glossy” surfaced fiber-based photographic paper used in darkroom print development.  The rich surface of this heavy paper appears satiny smooth rather than traditionally glossy.  

All work is produced by BayPhoto, a highly reputed professional photo lab based in Santa Cruz, CA, where attention to detail is considered paramount.


Each photo is labeled under the title with a letter from A - E which corresponds to the specific aspect ratio of that image.  Giclée print pricing, choosing any of the three papers listed above, is as follows:

GROUP A  (2:3)      GROUP B  (4:5)     GROUP C  (3:4)     

8" x 12" -     $66            8" x 10" -    $64             9" x 12" -     $68               

12" x 18" -    $97           11" x 14" -    $80             12" x 16" -    $95        

16" x 24" -  $123           16" x 20" -  $117             18" x 24" -  $132        

20" x 30" - $166          20" x 24" - $142            24" x 32" - $188    

24" x 36" - $190          24" x 30" - $187                                          

GROUP D  (1:2)     GROUP E  (1:1)

8" x 16" -      $69          10" x 10" -   $70

12" x 24" -  $104           12" x 12" -    $91

15" x 30" -   $121           14" x 14" -   $98

20" x 40" - $183          16" x 16" -    $111

24" x 48" -  $221          20" x 20" - $135

                                       24" x 24" - $161

Additional tax (on purchases outside the state of Delaware) and shipping rates apply.  Prices are subject to change.


When ready to purchase, please use the contact link to email me and include the image title, paper choice, and desired size within its group.  Please also include your name, email address, and physical mailing address.  A PayPal invoice will then be emailed with the total pricing including tax and shipping and after it is paid, the print will be ordered from BayPhoto and shipped directly to you.  Questions?  Please don't hesitate to ask 😊.


If interested in a matted only or matted and framed finishing to fine art prints please contact me directly for a price quote via the link at left.  Please provide the title of the piece and print size you are interested in purchasing after which matting/framing options will be provided.


Prints can also be created on most any product line surfaces that BayPhoto offers - canvas, wood, metal, some traditional photo papers, etc.  Many images are also available in larger format than what is listed in the group A - E pricing.  Please contact me for more information.

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