Dana Dagle Long has a BA in fine art photography from the University of Delaware, with work having been featured in both group and juried exhibitions. After a fulfilling career teaching as well as serving in the fields of arts and education administration, she has recently returned to her first love full-time, creating photography as art.  Having resided in lovely Lewes, Delaware for the past 30 years, she is continually grateful for the many artistic opportunities so close to home in addition to those encountered through her love of travel.


    “I care to live only to entice people to look at nature’s loveliness."         -John Muir

Observing and being surrounded by the many wonders of the natural world, from the grand to the minute, has always provided sanctuary for my soul, a window for experiencing peace and well-being. Early on in my training as a visual artist I recognized that photography, as a medium, provides the opportunity to express my passion for nature and environmental stewardship by being present to preserve when immersed in those inspired moments, allowing me to capture mood and beauty through light and composition.

I am often especially drawn to design elements existing within the smaller details of larger landscapes as well as the serendipitous discoveries that so often present themselves when in the field. Photo editing adds another layer to my artistic process, allowing the creation of nurtured nature images that further enhance unexpected representations of the familiar. Stirring emotive response, reverence, and deep appreciation for the countless gifts our natural world provides is integral to my mission as an artist.

Peace Lily
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